technology that makes a difference.
Whether it’s a simple personal website or a sophisticated business application, we craft solutions that look great and meet your goals.  As we work together, we translate tech talk into understandable English and make sure you are comfortable at every step of the process. We do the heavy lifting, while you keep control of your site and its contents.
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Our strategic process is designed to help us craft websites and applications that make a difference in your success.

We start with an in-depth discovery process to uncover all relevant information about your goals, your target audience’s needs and wants, your competitive environment, and your brand personality.

Together, we brainstorm creative and messaging that connects with your audience.

Then we develop strategies and tactics that match what you have to offer to your target audience’s needs and wants.
We set specific measurable objectives against your goals.
We design and implement a strategic solution based on our discoveries.
Finally, we track and report on the results, and provide support through the entire process.


Ecommerce, Learning and Events

A lifestyle website with retail, online classes, and appointment scheduling

Simple Site

Simple small business site providing information and resources for current and potential clients

Richly Featured Marketing Site

A marketing website with a private intranet and templates for client-customized layouts.

Corporate Intranet

A fully integrated solution with custom Learning Management and HR systems.


WordPress Sites Since 2013

Our team has extensive experience in web design and development, business, art and marketing.

Full Service Hosting
and Long Term Support

The internet changes fast. We maintain strong relationships with our clients so you don’t  get left behind.

Dedication to Community

We strive to add value to our interactions with others. We love working with our clients and being a part of the WordPress community.

Headshot of Richard Norby.

Richard Norby

OS: Mac
MO: Mastery of all things geeky

  • Systems engineer since 1982
  • First banking software written for PCs (and Macs)
  • First online recruiting system for US Army
  • Director of R&D for Live Marketing (an events agency)
  • Years of experience working with Fortune 100 companies
  • Currently working on a major intranet project for a large Wisconsin healthcare organization
Headshot of Rachelle Soller

Rachelle Soller

OS: Linux
MO: Ruthless analysis + cutthroat creativity

  • WordPress developer since 2015
  • Experience developing for the WordPress VIP hosting platform
  • Happiest when up to her elbows in code
  • Enthusiastic problem solver: no problem too weird!
  • Recently worked on large content migration and update of Straight Dope website for the Sun Times
Headshot of Cecilia Ras

Cecilia Ras

OS: Windows
MO: Fearless innovation

  • “Reality is not the boss of me!”
  • Social media maven
  • Proficient in pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript projects as well as WordPress installations
  • Expert photographer
  • Recently worked on a HIPAA-compliant client database for a large Wisconsin healthcare organization
Headshot of Roberta Miles

Roberta Miles

OS: Brush and pen
MO: Drives imagination to action

  • Wildcard inspiration
  • Artist in residence
  • Producer of entertainment and charity events
  • Writer
  • Jazz singer
  • Driven by social responsibility
  • Manages all Roberta Miles online projects


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